onsdag 15 februari 2012

Seal Secret: Illustrator

This is where William tried to save the seal. William was swimming in the back of the dinghy and then he got bitten on the hand by the seal. After a few moments he saw another seal in the sea. He lost the seal in the huge waves, but he kept the dinghy.

Seal Secret: Discussion Leader

Yellow = What was good in the book?
White = Was the seal let out?
Red = What would you have felt if you were William?
Green = What would you have done if you were William?
Blue = Would he had been able to save the seal in another way?
Black = What was bad about the book?

måndag 13 februari 2012

Illustrator: The Hidden One

This is how I think "The Hidden One" looks like. I chose to draw him because he have cool stuff like the milky way and the rainbow. Also because he is hidden and they do not describe what he looks like so that I can choose myself what he will look like.

onsdag 8 februari 2012

Seal Secret: Creative Connector

On page 45 Gwyn said that he would show William a secret (”Seal Secret”) if he came camping with him. I use to tell my brothers and sisters, especially the small ones, that if they do this or that I will tell them a secret. Often it’s just something I make up or like what dinner we’re going to have. The differences between these two is that when I tell my bothers and sister it’s often a lie or something small like, as I said, dinner or something and when Gwyn told William it was a real secret (”Seal Secret”).

fredag 3 februari 2012

Seal Secret: Summarizer

The first thing that happend was that Williams dad told William that they were going on a different vacation than they used to. They were going to a cottage, because his mother wanted something different and did not like the sand, and his dad did not like to walk far to get a nice fishing spot.

The first thing that happend when they got to the cottage was that WIlliam started to climb a tree in his best clothes but he also met a boy who was mean to him. When his mom and dad saw his ripped clothes the yelled at him and told him to go to his room. When he was up there Miss James came in and told him about some milk-bottle tops to make him happy.

Later that night the mean boys parents got angry at the mean boy.

Seal Secret: Character Tracer

In this story I will tell you about William. He is a very angry little boy who does not listen to his parents that often. He is a very good writer.

His parents is quite mean to him beacuase sometimes he ask them questions and they just go bananas. When he ripped his best clothes after climbing a tree his parents went crazy and yelled at him alot and then told him to go to his room.