fredag 2 december 2011

The Hair Monster

In this story I will tell you how the evil hair-eating monster came out of its cage. It ate everyone who had hair. There was a young bald guy who tried to slay the monster, but failed and got eaten. The monster later died, because it could not eat people without hair, so the bald guy didn’t REALLY fail. But... The monster had laid an egg..! As the egg hatched a new hero was born.

The new hero grew up and got long hair. But, the monster had also grown and it was more hairthirsty than its mother! The hero was in his house minding his own business when he suddenly hear a scream. He ran out too look after but he could not see anything. The next day on the TV he was watching the news when the guy on the news said ”HAIR EATING MONSTER, SHAVE YOUR HAIR NOW!!!”. But the hero did not want to shave his hair and went out too look for the monster. In 12 years he searched for the monster but he never found it. When he was at the age of 34, he saw on the news again ”LOOK OUT FOR A HAIR-EATING MONSTER!!! SHAVING YOUR HAIR IS RECOMMENDED!” and the hero thought ”Hmm, it’s that monster again, and I do not wish to shave my hair”.

The hero gathered all of the people in the village he lived in and told them to shave their hair and then throw it in a pile. His plan was to get the monster to him and then catch it. So they sat up a trap for the monster.

About 3 hours later the monster came! It saw all the hair, but he also saw the hero. He swallowed the hero! But after that he ate all of the hair and got caught in the trap. The hero had a dagger with him and stabbed the monster from the inside! The monster was dead and the hero survived.

The next day he was honored and they named the day the monster died on ”Hair day”. The hero died after 25 years when he was killed by another monster... But that’s another story.

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  1. I liked the angle you have chosen for your story, about the hair monster. You have a written a story that is easy to follow and you have used many things to create a feeling in the story.

  2. Inträdesbiljett:

    Mål: Skriva något halv-långt på engelska.
    Detta blev jag nöjd med: Bra historia och ganska lång.
    Detta ska jag jobba vidare med/ tänka på till nästa gång: Skriva längre.