tisdag 16 oktober 2012


A good friend should be nice, funny, sharing and caring. You don't want your friend to be a shame for you. A friend should also have the same interests as you and do it together with you from time to time. If there's a group of friends, a good friend shouldn't leave anyone behind, for example, if you and the group is going to play a game but you know one of your friends is really bad it so you wouldn't allow him/her to join you, however, a good friend should always allow anyone to join them if they want to. A friend should not get upset by jokes, they're just jokes. However, a joke can go over the limit.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You have written down the most important abilities of a good friend.It's good that you wrote more than the 50 necessary words.

  2. i agree on a that a joke can go over the limit