torsdag 26 september 2013

The Tempest: Sammanfattning

The Tempest

The demoted duke of Milano was called Prospero. His brother Antonio had taken his title. Together with his daugther, Miranda, he was forced to leave his land by raft. Prospero lived on an island for 12 years, during this time he practiced magic. He lived in harmony and set the spirits of the island free of which are now under his command. Amongst the spirits there was an airspirit called Ariel. Prospero summons a storm to shipwreck the king of Naples, the brother Antonio and the kings son Ferdinand.

Ferdinand survived and thought that the others had drowned. The others thought the same about him. Ferdinand met Miranda and they totally digged eachother. The love was infinite.

Prospero commands his slave, Ariel to scare and torment Antonio and the king of Naples. Antonio gives up and the king of Naples regrets his cruelty. The king of Naples recieves his son, Ferdinand, the son he thought was deceased. Prospero uses his awesome magic again and reassembles the ship so that they can get off the island together.

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